Below are links for you to see some of our retired breeding cats since 2003


Abyrose Shekarnah

Dbl Gr Ch. Abyrose Blue Lagoon

Abyrose Last Chance

Johari Jamaica Rum (Imp Aust)

Nile Maltese Falcon (Imp Aust)

Abyrose Liberty Belle

Merindalee Sweet Dreams (Imp Aust)

Ch Asmara Ultima Bushfire Flame (Imp Aust)

Abyrose Dream Dazzler (Imp Aust in Dam)

Abyrose Eternal Flame

Ch Abyrose Shania

Ch. Abyrose Eternal Sundance

Double Grand Ch. Abyrose Bluejay (Imp Aust in Dam)

Abyrose Sweet Inti

Abyrose Blue Belle

Asmara Electric Blue (Imp Aus)

Abyrose Blue Tango

Ch. Abyrose Latte

S* Maghreb's Smilla (Imp Sweden)

Ch. Abyrose Enya

Zahari Whiskey River

Ch. Abyrose Reno



USA Tr Gr Ch & Gr Ch Sunstone JS Giguere (Imp USA)

IC & Bnz Double Grand Champion Twany Running Bear of Malesh (Imp Sweden)

Ch Abyrose Bailey & Ch Abyrose Lady Eve

Abyrose Esme

GR CH Abyrose Hannah

Abyrose Ezrah

Ocidottal Wally's Carboncopy

Abyrose Pink Champagne (Gen 1)

Ch. KayJays Avalon

Abyrose Neve (Gen 1)

Abyrose Twilight Eclipse

Abyrose Silver Fern (Gen 1)


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