The Ocicat is an agouti spotted cat of moderate type and being medium to large in size.  As you watch an Ocicat walk across the room not only the spots, but the lithe movement resembles a wild cat with its shoulders rolling and muscles rippling.

This breed originated by cross-breeding the Abyssinian, Siamese and American Shorthair.  While it came about by accident in 1964, this breed is becoming one of the most sought after cats in the world today.  The Ocicat was recognized in the States and registered as a new breed in 1966.  The first Ocicat came to NZ in 1990.

Ocicats are highly intelligent and many will learn to fetch, walk on a harness and perform tricks.  Ocicats are often said to be very dog like in nature & they are very devoted to their owners.

I started breeding Ocicats in 1999 after falling in love with the breed and purchasing "Elva" (featured on left) in 1998 as a kitten.

*Sadly, Elva passed away suddenly during an emergency c-section on Monday, 30th October 2000.  Click here to go to Elva's Memorial Page




Below is a litter of Ocicat kittens from 2015.  From left, chocolate spotted, blue spotted, lilac classic, chocolate spotted and tawny spotted :-)



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