Abyssinian & Ocicat kittens are known for their "wild look" and loving natures.

Abyrose kittens are house reared in a kind, loving environment.  Our kittens go to their new owners de-sexed with at least one vaccination.  We also have a pet kitten agreement - in that is a clause that owners must keep their Abyrose kitten/cat inside at night.  This is for the safety of the kitten as there are many dangers outside at night.

A deposit is required to reserve a kitten after the kittens are born, this deposit is non refundable if you change your mind.

For pricing information please email Jody at

Some people have reported their emails to me have been bouncing back.  If that happens please email me at

 There are many different colours in the Ocicat breed. 

 I breed a variety of colours in the following patterns - Spotted, Classic Tabby, Aby x Oci Gen 1 or Gen 2 ticked Ocicats - click on links to see photos & information.

  I am currently breeding Tawny (Ruddy), Blue, Cinnamon (Sorrel), Chocolate & Lilac Abyssinian kittens


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 Abyrose Abyssinians & Ocicats

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Adult Cats For Sale


Expected Litters

Ocicat kittens expected 8th/9th December 2017

from Elsa to TOBY

8 possible colours in spotted, classic and ticked

 (Taking orders now)

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Generation 1 Ocicat kittens (Ocicat x Aby) expected 9th December 2017

from Baby Beanie and Ayden

Chocolate ticked kittens expected and 50% chance of lilac, cinnamon & fawn ticked

 (Taking orders now)



Planned Litters

Abyssinian kittens planned for March 2018

(Taking orders now)

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NOTE: At the moment good reputable Abyssinian breeders have waiting lists for kittens.

 If you don't mind waiting for a friendly healthy Aby kitten please email me :-)

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