Happy Pet Owners continued...

Some of my owners have written these letters to me & given their permission for me to publish them here and others have written the letter to you, the public. 


I've had Zoe and Zara (lilac and fawn Abyssinians) for nearly two months now.  They have settled in well as you can see - Stan, the black cat, is about eight and has diabetes.  He is very friendly towards some other cats - he has a Burmese friend down the road.  He's very protective of Zoe and Zara when they've been outside  he watches them carefully and makes sure they don't go too far.  He's also been showing them tree climbing and other outside games.

It's been great getting two kittens - they spend a lot of time playing together, and usually sleep on top of each other.  The have very different characters - Zoe is quite quiet and shy - but is very sweets natured and cuddly.  Zoe on the other hand is into everything and a little bundle of energy - definitely the assertive one.

They were very well house trained and very people focussed when they arrived.

An excellent addition to the household.

Cathy Scott  - June 2012




About four years ago we bought a kitten from Jody, well didn’t know if we did the right thing or not but as it turned out we got “hooked” got another boy a year ago and life has never been the same.  We also got a dog (bitch) and they get on like a house on fire, yes sometimes it feels like it is on fire with the commotion and noises this lot generates.  But really we would not do without them, life would be dull and with little surprises With Abby’s never a dull moment, lots of cuddles, head butts and kisses.

From the abys:  We don’t sleep in a cat box, beds, preferably between the owners and tightly snuggled up on each other is much better.If we can’t sleep there we just sleep with the dog, she’s got a nice soft belly, and she lets us “kneed” her.  We pinch French fries off the table and leave ice cream about and we have a party. Anything we are not supposed to eat, WE do, anything we should not do, WE do!  Computers, love that keyboard, chasing the mouse cursor on the screen is also good fun, that screensaver with the fish, “how do I get one of these things out of there?”   And just in case you did not get it, WE own these people!!

From Louis and Sue, happy Aby owners of Riana and CT, thanks Jody for Breeding such lovely natured cats, keep up the good work,                                      Regards,                                                                                       The Owned Ones.                                                     





(Petra is a Gen 1 Ocicat)



Hello Jody,

Thought you might like some updated photo's of Petra.  She has settled in very well, and making a great addition to our family!

She has made a best friend in Hansel, though he sometime sees her as an annoying little sister!  She is always wanting to play, whereas I think Hansel was settling in for a quiet life before her arrival!

Thank you very much for breeding and rearing such a healthy, happy kitten, who has adjusted so well to her new life...


Allanah and Doug ~ January 2009



Hi Jody,  Here's a bit about our hybrids... They are always bright and energetic.  Lotus is a foodie and would have been very happy to have been adopted by the owner of a delicatessen.  Selkie is a knee sitter and gets into trouble, she has already been to the vet for a sore paw and I think she may have got to close to the neighbours cat (called Chaos).  They gallop through the house like a couple of horses - eat, sleep and play.  It's all fantastic and we think that cats must be much higher evolved than humans, considering the lifestyle they lead.  They believe they work though, since they sit and watch me garden or do housework. 
They don't have a mean bone in their bodies, Lotus being particularly soft (she also watches TV, apparently a sign of lower IQ - but she is so sweet!!!!).  We have a big bay window in our bedroom too, and the girls watch birds flying by and perched on the electrical wires, it is the least effective way of hunting I've ever seen, but they love it.
They are very beautiful too.  The photos don't do them justice.
Their eyes are gold.  I think they are amazingly beautiful and sleek as seals. 
I look at both of them and think, 'Maybe one day I'll get a blue just like you two.' It's a pleasure to have them living with us.
Belinda and family




Hi Jody,


TigerLilly is 6 months old; she joined our family in December 2003.  She enjoys guarding our bed along with the other tigers in our home. We absolutely adore her, and we are very much looking forward to the arrival of her blue ½ brother in a few weeks time. Lilly loves helping us to make the bed, and she loves supervising us washing the dishes.  Her favourite game is riding on a towel while we drag her all around the kitchen floor, until she falls off. Then she stalks the towel and then pounces back onto it, grabbing on with her claws, and then she looks up at us as if to say “Well come on guys lets do it again”. When TigerLilly first arrived she was very very playful and hardly ever sat still. As she is getting older she is becoming much more affectionate and cuddly, and gives us kisses when she curls up with us in the evening on the couch while watching T.V. We love TigerLilly to bits, thank you so much Jody for our precious wee girl.


Robin and Dianna  ~ Christchurch