My Experimental Breeding Programme


"Abyrose Star Dust (Gen 1)" (Lilac)

SIRE: Ozspots Jackaroo (Imp Aust) ~ lilac Ocicat

DAM: Abyrose Blue Belle ~ blue Abyssinian

DOB: 16.10.08

Those of you know me, know I love a challenge!  It is with excitement that I introduce to you all "Abyrose Star Dust"

Star Dust is going to be the foundation of my new experimental breeding programme that has just been approved by the NZCF. She has been DNA tested as Lilac carrying cinnamon.  The aim of this programme is to introduce a new line of lilac/choc into the Abyssinian gene pool. 

Star Dust is PRA & Pk-def normal and is negative for Tritrichomonas Foetus.

Star Dust has taken after her Abyssinian Mum and has very Aby type, hence selecting her for this programme.  She has a neat personality and a sweet expression.  She has a gentle profile and strong chin, excellent eye shape and size, good ear size & set.  She has a lean, muscular body.

I know the lines she comes from well and I look forward to seeing each generation.  By the careful selection of the Abys I use in this programme, I hope to be able to clear out a lot of the Ocicat barring in the next generation while cementing the Aby type.

I am happy to answer questions for any of you who are curious!

Photos taken at 13 weeks old & 4 months old.  She is showing her beautiful long legs in the 1st photo, it was also taken without the flash so shows her correct colour.

Star Dust was spayed August 2011.


On the 17th October 2009 Star Dust had a litter of five Generation 2 kittens :-)


Above left Star Dust with her half sister Dove on the 20th October 2009 & right, Star Dust on the 8th November 2009


Introducing the next step in my breeding programme


"Abyrose Starlight Gazer (Gen 2)"  (lilac)



SIRE: Asmara Electric Blue (Imp Aus)

DAM: Abyrose Star Dust (Gen 1)

DOB: 17.10.09

PRA and Pk-def normal and is negative for Tritrichomonas Foetus.

Starlight Gazer AKA "Monkey" has been DNA tested as Lilac carrying cinnamon :-)

He is a lovely boy with no barring or tail markings, just slight neck markings.  This is what I had hoped to achieve in this generation so I am very pleased.

He has a good profile and firm chin & shows promise at this wee tender age.

Photo (1) taken at 4 weeks old & (2) at just over 4 months old & (3) at 5.5 mths old.

In the 2nd photo he is with his sister just before she went to her new pet home.  She is fawn.  The photo isn't true to colour but it shows that Pixie (left) has excellent clarity for a Gen 2! 

On the 25th June 2010 Monkey went to live with Kirsty Young "Zahari Abyssinians" in Christchurch.  Monkey was being co-owned by myself and Kirsty.  Monkey has produced two litters here & one for Kirsty and he has retired to a lovely pet home at 10 months of age.

Introducing the 3rd step in my breeding programme

"Champion Abyrose Firestar Ivy (Gen 3)"  (lilac)

SIRE: Abyrose Starlight Gazer (Gen 2)

DAM: Abyrose Enya ~ ruddy Abyssinian

DOB: 30.7.10

Ivy has been DNA tested as Lilac carrying cinnamon :-)  Ivy has very good lilac colouring & excellent ticking.  She has an amazing personality and everyone who meets her falls in love.

Ivy is free of barring.  She has a good profile and chin & her body has good balance & muscle tone.

Ivy has been to two shows in 2011.  She has done well and gained the title of Champion at just 9 mths and 9 days old :-).  Ivy had her first litter of kittens (all boys) in August 2011 and has proven to be a wonderful mum.

Photos on left taken at 7 weeks old in natural light & below at 5mths old

Ivy had 4 litters of kittens and was retired May 2014.  She has gone to a wonderful pet home :-)


Introducing the full Aby - end result of breeding programme in 2014

"Abyrose Zinnia"  (lilac)


SIRE: Zahari Whiskey River - tawny Abyssinian

DAM: Ch. Abyrose Firestar Ivy (Gen 3) ~ Lilac Abyssinian

Zinnia has been DNA tested as Lilac carrying cinnamon.  She is A carrying b Blood group like her Mum.

Zinnia has a sweet personality. Zinnia is free of barring.  She has a very good profile and chin.  Zinnia has very good size & boning.  I am looking forward to watching her grow. 

Zinnia had a screening test on 12.2.15 and is negative for Giardia & Crypto :-)







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