Breeding Ocicats

The Ocicat breed needs some new dedicated breeders here in NZ.

We need people who are not wanting to breed for money but who have a genuine love for the breed and who are willing to invest time, love and money into the breed.  If the people are not already an existing breeder of a different breed they would need to become NZCF registered.  Ideally the people would need to import new blood lines in the near future.  Importing is a costly venture but is a necessity to widen the gene pool & to keep our ocicats healthy.  It would cost approx $1600-2200 for a breeding ocicat here in NZ to get started.  If a male is purchased he would need an enclosure when he reached maturity so the person needs to be prepared to provide him one.


Above is an example of an enclosure.  There are cattery guidelines for minimum requirements set by the NZCF.  There are many different styles and ideas for enclosures.  We have several different size and style enclosures for our cats.  It's also important that entire female cats aren't allowed outside to "roam free" without full supervision.  Many breeders have outside enclosures for their girls or sanctuaries built from their house.  Others are happy just to have them as indoor only house cats.

It would be important for the person to show their ocicat.  Showing is good recognition for the breed and it's also good for the breeder to get judges opinions on their cats. 

I would be more than happy to "mentor" someone who was interested in starting to breed Ocicats.

If you think you would be interested in taking up breeding Ocicats please email me and we can discuss things further.