Adult Cats Needing Good Homes

I am retiring from breeding cats early 2019.  This means I will have retired breeding cats needing wonderful homes.  Each adult cat will have different criteria for his/her new home, we try to place each cat in a situation that we think it would be happiest in to enjoy the rest of it's life as a pampered pet.

All of these cats MUST be kept inside at night! 

I prefer that my retirees to go to homes that are within driving distance from us, so within the Hawkes Bay, Wellington, Kapiti, Wairarapa, Manawatu/Wanganui, Taranaki & Taupo/Rotorua regions.  I like to meet the people and have them meet the cat first, to ensure everyone is happy,  it is less stressful for adult cats if they don't have to fly, and lastly if the new home doesn't work out for any reason it's easier for them to be returned. 


Cookie is a chocolate Abyssinian.

She is retiring from breeding mid 2018 and is currently 6 years old.

Cookie is sweet natured & would make a wonderful pet.  She would prefer a quiet retirement without small children, other animals or stress.

She will be the cost of her de-sexing & microchip only as she has a couple of allergies which I am hoping to resolve by the time she goes.

Please email me if you are interested in her


Denver is neutered and ready to go to a new home now.

Denver is looking for a wonderful retirement home where he can enjoy the warm fire for the winter.
Denver is 3 years old and is a cinnamon silver ticked Gen 1 Ocicat. His Mum was an Aby and Dad was an Ocicat. 
He is very Ocicat in that he doesn't like change and I would expect him to hide and be a big girls blouse for the first week. He will require lots of time, patience and love and then you'd have the most wonderful companion. 
He is big, friendly, playful and such a gentle boy. He's never sprayed or acted like a hormonal stud. He would be best suited to a quiet home with no small children or other inside animals although I think he would happily accept a kitten as a playmate down the track. 
He is just $400 which includes desexing, vacc, microchip, his bed etc... 
I will not fly him to a home. 
He needs to go to a home within a couple of hours drive

Please email me if you are interested and see the Abyrose fb page for the latest photos


Nessie is RESERVED pending meeting the people once retired.

Nessie is a blue Abyssinian.

She is retiring from breeding late 2018 and is currently 3 years old.

Nessie is sweet natured.  She isn't keen on other cats, so must go to a home as an only cat. 

She will be $400.00 de-sexed

Please email me if you are interested in her


 Most of our adult cats have always lived in the house and in an enclosure so they are not use to free outside access.  They don't know about the dangers of the road, cars etc...

It takes time and patience for adult cats to get use to coming and going outside during the day, much the same as teaching a kitten.  Our cats would be happy as indoor only or they would learn to have freedom but they need to go to a quiet street, lifestyle block or farm if they are going to be allowed outside during the day. 

Please email me if you are interested in a retired cat.


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