Jody Robinson-Wildey (a bit about me):

I started breeding Abyssinians in 1996.   My focus is breeding first for health & temperament then type & colourMy kittens are housed raised with love.  I am married with no children and as of about 15 years ago I became a full time cat Mum.  I am able to spend as much time as possible with my cats and kittens to ensure they get the best start in life.  My cats are my life and I love them all very much.  I strive to better the breeds I work with as much as I can and regularly import new blood lines.  I enjoy showing my cats and have had many show successes with the cats and kittens I have bred.

All of my breeding cats are friendly, happy, healthy, very beautiful & much loved!

You can find out what we test our cats for on my FAQ page :-)

                 Below are some photos of the Sanctuary we build off the side of our last house for our 'pet' cats, so they have access to outside and we know they are safe :-)



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