GOLD Dbl Gr Ch. Abyrose Sinentae

2.9.01  - 21.2.12

Tribute to Sinentae

Wow, so much to say about such an unique girl!  Ned you were a stand out kitten from the start.  When you were just 7 weeks old I went to check on you and your siblings and you had a swollen face.  We had our good friend Kirsty from Auckland staying at the time... we waited a couple of hours but the swelling didn’t go down so we jumped in the car with you on Kirsty’s knee and drove 30 minutes to the vet.  AND of course by the time we got there and he saw us the swelling had reduced considerably and you didn’t need any treatment and I looked like an over anxious breeder!  We had to stop by and look at another breeders cattery on the way home.  Because you were unvaccinated we opted to leave you in the car while we looked and didn’t touch anything.  As breeders do we got talking and an hour passed, we did check on you during that time and you were sitting on the passenger’s seat happy as.  Just before we left I took you out and held you for the other breeder to see, you paddled your feet in the air, purred and looked ever so sweet.  The breeders dog walked past and you didn’t care at all and continued paddling and purring.  We went on our way and this time Kirsty drove and I nursed you.  It quickly became evident that you were one very special easy going kitten. When you were 9 weeks old your daddy, Mike decided we’d go for a drive over to the other side of the Manawatu gorge to look at a river, so I said “oh lets take a kitten with us”.  Knowing that you were so good in the car we took you.  We got to the river and Mike said “oh look, I happen to have my fishing rod in the car”… so out it came and our quick trip quickly became a 4 hour round trip.  I had taken a harness and lead this time and so I put it on you when we got there.  You didn’t seem at all worried about the river, the water noise or being in a strange place.  You rolled on the stones and enjoyed watching Mike’s fishing lure in the water.  We thought this was so neat, a cat enjoying going to the river!  That just cemented the fact that you were a very special girl and we certainly couldn’t sell you!  This was the beginning of so many fun times together, out fishing and white baiting, trips to the beach and to many cat shows.  You were admired by ALL who met you.  We often referred to you as our 'angel in a fur coat'.  You hated having kittens as it stopped you from going out fishing & so you'd wean them early and go back to your adventures.  One adventure which soon became a yearly tradition was driving around the Christmas lights just before Christmas.  You liked the ones that flashed the most and would put your feet on the window sill and watch them.  Sometimes people let the public walk in and look at the lights so naturally you came too.  I am not sure if other people that were looking too were more excited about seeing the Christmas lights or meeting you!   You only had 3 litters and were really a career girl with the shows you enjoyed so much and a fishing cat.  You took the show scene by storm, winning many Best in Shows and Breeders Awards of Merit.  You retired from breeding and showing at age 5 after obtaining the highest title of GOLD Double Grand Champion.  We were SO proud!!  Once retired you joined your son BJ as our pet, sleeping in our bed every night.  You still enjoyed our special trips to the river and I am sure you told BJ all about it when you got home.  Every time we went to the vet clinic for annual vaccination or anything else, you were the model patient and laid on the vets table purring and wanting pats!   You were certainly one of a kind! Over the last couple of years you visited our elderly neighbour and also went to the local rest home and especially made one old ladies day by sitting on her knee for a long time while she patted you.  You really did touch the hearts of all who meet you!   On the 30th May 2011 your son BJ was put to sleep after finding out he had a big tumour in his tummy.  You and Shania his daughter and Blue Belle his grand daughter were so very sad too.  You gained a lot of weight as we all grieved but you helped Daddy and I through that time with your beautiful face, sleeping between our pillows as you always did and giving us lots of love.  We celebrated your 10th Birthday last September with a trip to the river with my Mum and Dad.  You had a good time rolling in the stones as always, even though Daddy was at work so there was no fishing.  Over this past Christmas for 6 weeks you, Shania, Blue Belle & Tango enjoyed having run of the whole house while we had no kittens.  We had heaps of great times with you all.  On Sunday night 19th Feb I found you with laboured breathing and I knew something was wrong.  We went to the vet first thing Monday and the vet hoped it was only asthma but as tests were done we had a diagnoses of Restrictive Cardiomyopathy with Pleural effusion. It was a huge shock for us all and our hearts broke and we cried and cried knowing that we'd have to let you go.  Mike and I had a special time with you on Monday night & lovely cuddles that will be remembered always.  Yesterday the vet came and we put you to sleep so you didn't have to die a horrid death but instead went peacefully, your daddy held you as we said goodbye one last time.  Oh how it hurts!  You were our vets favourite cat too and it was very hard for us all.  Shania, Blue Belle and Tango are sad and miss you. You have left a huge hole in our hearts that will never be filled.  Life will not be the same :-( Neddy, we love you so so much!! 

You will be remembered always and missed every day!

When ties of love are broken,
And loved ones have to part,
It leaves a wound that never heals,
In ever-aching heart.

With all our love Mummy and Daddy


1 Year Memorial

Dear Sinentae, it's been one year since you left us and yet we remember it like it was yesterday.  It's been hard and it still hurts a lot :-(  We all miss you heaps & think of you every day.  Nights are the hardest as you are not there in our bed. 

This is the verse your Daddy made up for your plaque

Our Angel in a fur coat
Always happy
Never sad
Thank you for the time we had

We love you so much, forever in our hearts

Mummy & Daddy


2 Year Memorial

Sinentae, this year your Daddy took the day off work and we went to Akitio beach for a day trip, it was extra sad as I knew you would have loved it there so much.  We miss you so much!

It seems like everything we do reminds us of you...


Love you neddy xxx


3 Year Memorial

Sinentae, this year we are going to the river and beach as we know they were two of your favourite places.  We miss our trips with you and daddy hasn't even been trout fishing since you left :-(

I hope you are giving your human Nana lots of cuddles, since she went to heaven last August.  We love you so much

 Always a smile instead of a frown
Always a purr when one is down
Always true, thoughtful and kind
Wonderful memories you left behind.


4 Year Memorial

Oh neddy, we miss you so much.  Our angel in a fur coat, life is simply not the same. Love you always xx

You are not forgotten Sinentae
Nor will you ever be.
As long as life and memory last
We will remember thee.


5th Year Memorial

Sinentae, my heart aches knowing how much you would have loved it here on our little 'farm'.  I know it would be you that would be out riding around on the sheep ;-)

Miss you so much, love always xx

Sometimes angels come gift wrapped, in fur.

You may not be by my side anymore, but the memories will keep you in my heart for the rest of time.


6th Year Memorial

Miss you so much, love always xx

Memory drifts to scenes long past,
Time rolls on, but memories last;
Sunshine passes, shadows fall,
Love's remembrance outlasts all.


7th Year Memorial

Sinentae, we wish you were here with us, such a wonderful special girl.  You have quite the family in heaven now and one day will be will reunited again xx

In our home she is fondly remembered. 
Sweet memories cling to her name. 
Those who loved her in life sincerely 
Still love her in death just the same.