Dbl Gr Ch. Abyrose Blue Lagoon

23.11.02  - 30.5.11


Tribute to BJ

BJ what an amazing boy you are.  You were pre-sold to a lady as a pet but every time she came to visit you, you would hide. So she ended up taking your ruddy brother as I couldn't let you go to someone you didn't like.  When it was neutering time you were too skinny so you didn't get neutered.  You were shy so when your siblings left I had you with me in the lounge/kitchen for some one and one time and to help you gain weight. Well that was the beginning of our love affair!  You attached yourself too me and spent all your time on my knee and following me around & you became my special baby boy.  I happened to show your photos to some judges and they said 'do not neuter that kitten he is way too good!'  So you stayed entire and were to become part of my breeding programme.  You had a wonderful show career in 2003 and briefly in 2004, getting many Best in Show's and Breeders Awards of Merit and even Supreme over the whole show at Patches and Pointed!  You and I shared an amazing bond and you spent the first 13 months in my bed but then you peed on me so you had to go outside as a stud for 11 months till I couldn't handle it anymore and you were neutered on your 2nd birthday and came back inside again.  Everyone thought I was crazy to neuter such an amazing boy but you were back with me where you belonged.  You became friends with Shekarnah your grandma, though she was top cat and sometimes gave you a hard time.  She pushed you off the washing machine and you needed knee surgery and 7 weeks cage rest, of course in our bedroom.  You made an impression on everyone who met you.  When Shekarnah died unexpectedly in January 2006 our lives changed.  You and I didn't handle her death well at all but we were there for each other and with daddy's help got each other through.  Our amazing bond only deepened.  You changed and became top cat & my protector and when your Mum and then your daughter & more recently your grand daughter joined our pet family it seemed to work quite well as long as you were boss and got your special time with me for face washes and your spot in the bed.  You and I had been through so much together and always managed to come out the other side.  When you got sick in April this year with intermittent vomiting I was worried, especially when you weren't your usual self.  As I saw the weight loss we did blood tests but they didn't tell us much.  Your vet and I hoped it was just a virus and would pass but last Wednesday night I knew something was very wrong and when you licked my eyes and snuggled in I cried as I had a feeling it might be for the last time.  We went to the vet the next day and to our shock, there in your tummy was a big lump and when scanned we realized the worst.  My heart broke right then and the tears flowed freely.  I knew right then that we would have to let you go soon.  Your Daddy and I spent a nice 4 days with you & the girls but you got worse and we had to say goodbye.  Life will never be the same. You are with Shekarnah now and the others that have gone before you and one day we'll be together again.  BJ the love of my life, I miss you so much.  I feel dead inside :-(  Thank you for being the best companion and my everything.  I will love you forever and treasure our precious memories. 

With all my love, your mummy :'-(


Your daddy and I found this little verse

In tears we saw you sinking,
We watched you fade away,
Our hearts were almost broken,
You fought so hard to stay,
But when we saw you sleeping,
So peacefully free from pain,
We could not wish you back,
To suffer that again.

Precious Beige, you will be in our hearts forever.  All our love always from Mike, Jody, Sinentae, Shania and Blue Belle


1 year memorial

One year has gone by & what a hard, heart breaking and sad year it's been :-(  Beige I miss you so so much! Life is not the same and I have changed since you left me, I am less tolerant of peoples crap & feel like part of me has gone cold.  Blue Belle does her best to try and comfort me and sleeps in your spot but we all feel lost without you around.  I have no one to wash my face and lick away my many tears.  In February we suffered again when Sinentae your Mum went to join you, I hope you are being kind to her ;-).  Nights are the worst without you two there, it just doesn't feel right.  You are remembered often and your photos are everywhere.  I love you so much BJ.

Your life was a blessing
Your memory a treasure...
You are loved beyond words
And missed beyond measure.

A part of my heart he took with him
But his love he left me to keep
So we will never really be parted
The bond between us is too deep.


2nd year memorial

BJ, I miss you with every breath I take... I didn't know it could hurt this bad, this long. :-(  I don't think the hurt will ever go away completely. When I'm lost & missing you like crazy I tell myself I'm so blessed to have had you in my life.   I just wish you were still here :-(  I love you!!

Nothing hurts or breaks your heart like the loss of a beloved pet.

You were my best friend, the love of my life, my child, my confidant.

I miss you my sweet baby!


3rd year memorial

Beige, I write this with a heavy heart.  I miss you every day :-( 

You will always be part of me.  I love you so much!


Another month.
Another year.
Another smile.
Another tear.
Another winter and another summer, too.
But there can never be another you..


4th year memorial

So many things have happened

Since you were called away,

So many things to share with you

Had been left to stay.

Every day in some small way

Memories of you come our way;

Though absent, you are ever near,

Still missed, loved, always dear.


BJ, I hope you are keeping Mum company up there in heaven.  Miss you and love you always


5th year memorial

Your presence we miss,

Your memory we treasure,

Loving you always,

Forgetting you never.

Dearer still as the years depart,

He lives forever in my heart.